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About us

d.w.equis is a manufacturer of industry leading equine products, including Bell Boots and First Aid Boots for horses. d.w.equis' products are used by professionals in all disciplines of English Riding styles.

The most popular d.w.equis product is the Bell Boot. Designed with a contoured shape for a superb fit that reduces spinning, Bell Boots feature a soft rolled upper edge for comfort and freedom of movement. They help reduce the risk of injury from jumping, working in mud or other slick surfaces, schooling, running cross-country, lunging, 24/7 turnout or competing.

For hoof/foot injuries d.w.equis offers a First Aid Boot to help aid in your horse’s healing. The fully enclosed boot includes a treatment pad that holds medication in place to enable longer contact time with damaged tissue. Proper use of the d.w.equis First Aid Boot with recommended treatment can speed recovery time and reduce scar tissue development.