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Friday, June 15, 2018 1:37 PM
Subject: Re: d.w.equis Dressage Pad - Review of the Wool Pad

I was thrilled to finally locate the Diamond Wool Pads again.  I got worried when I couldn't find them on the website I used to use to purchase my dressage wool pad but after some digging finally found you.
I love the wool pad for my Percheron Thoroughbred cross.  We are in  southwest Florida and even in the summer the wool breathes and  provides better support and ventilation for our work sessions.  The  perfect contour stays put under my dressage saddle and has a clean  look.  I will never go back to saddle pads and with the durability of the wool, there has never been a need for me to go back to using gel or sheepskin pads for additional support for schooling sessions.  My horse never has back problems.

Patti in Florida
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May 24, 2018

Good Afternoon!  Sorry for my delayed response!  It has been a very busy spring.  The great news is the boots are holding up fantastically!  The are on daily, he wore them for trailering and we used them during barrel racing and pole bending at our first show of the year!!  We absolutely love them and stand behind your product.  

We will absolutely use them above any other brand from now on!

Thank you!



These bell boots are just such a fantastic product compared to all the others out there...when you put D.W. Equis beside the others, you can literally see the major difference in quality - then you try them, the velcro never gives! Worth every penny!! One of these pairs outlasts all others I've ever used before - Tara Villanova


I am of the family that has recently become owners of an Equine facility in Bethany CT. Saddleviewfarm. We are a multi discipline riding facility with a focus on western. My focus is Team Roping, and I use my equipment to its fullest capacity in this sport. We practice two to three times a week in the roping arena working our horses on the sled, roping live steers, sorting, and cutting cows. When we’re not practicing, or holding or participating in clinics, we are getting in as many jackpot roping’s as we can. We put a lot of wear and tear on our equipment. I was going through a pair of bell boots almost every other month or so, UNTIL…. I started using the d.w.equis brand, that I picked up at the New England Equine affair this year. I strolled by the stand, and had already purchased another brand, and was looking at the d.w… brand, thinking what was so special about these ones now. Well I am glad I didn’t pass them by.
The d.w.equis Bell boots, have a great design with the soft rolled upper collar for comfort, and the contoured strike plate at the back, helps to keep the boot from turning, It works folks. But honestly, my favorite part…. The Velcro just lasts!! That is usually what goes on other boots, and I have to throw them out after a month or so, if that. Not these, I have been using them for the last 6 months or so, and they are still like new!!

Thankyou d.w.equis, for making such a great boot. The best part, is they are MADE IN THE USA!
Keep up the great products,

-Darren Higgins


"Over the many years of owning horses I have used a variety of brands for many equine related needs. My most frequent purchase being bell boots; To the point I should be a stockholder. I discovered your bell boots at a local tack store and thought why not give them a try? My horses have destroyed every other brand available. Being comparable in price to my standard brand preference it was a no brainer to try them. I have to say the D.W. Equis bell boots have surpassed my expectations. I'm impressed! My first pair are still on 24/7 duty, look new and the Velcro is as strong as the day I purchased them. They are well over 6 months old but look, feel and function as new. Thank you for designing such a superior product! D.W. Equis is now my go-to brand!"
-Michelle McGillicuddy


"I had the pleasure of trying out the D.W. Equis line through Diamond Wool, as well as the purple chaparral 1” wool felt bottom pad and LOVE these products.

The Bell Boots are fantastic as they fit the horse great, the Velcro is strong, and the material is so easy to spray off and keep clean! Aside from the ease of the use, the color is fantastic for finding in the dark tack room, and makes me feel more comfortable riding down the street as it gets dark outside. With the ability to just spray the bells off and reuse immediately is not only convenient, but it allows me the peace of mind knowing that I can keep these bells fungus free when using on several different horses in a day.

The soaking boot (First-Aid Boot) is just as great. They fit the horses with ease and really make abscess and hoof issues more manageable. I had a mare with a cut right above the bulb of her hoof under the fetlock in the worst place a horse can get a cut, and I used this soaking boot to apply a salt water mix to the wound to clean it. This boot makes foot injuries a breeze! It stays on the horses foot and you don’t have to worry about getting splashed with water from the horse kicking its legs in and out of a bucket several times and still failing to soak the foot. I also like the boot because again, it’s bright color and easy cleaning material.

In conclusion, I highly recommend any of the D.W. Equis products into your daily tack room products.

– Danielle Hickerson


 - Excellent product and perfect fit for my 16.3 Chestnut Draft/Thoroughbred cross Foxhunting Horse

 - Easy to put on the horse

 - He did not clip/nick himself from his hind foot when overreaching

 - Galloped him on the beach in the water and the boots stayd on. I have often lost other overreaching boot products while going through water.

 - Excellent Value

 - I would highly recommend this very durable and easy to use product.

(Product Review – Friday January 17, 2014)

Mr. James H Cullen - Executive Vice President, Dover Saddlery

"Used the bell boots all last week while training and had them on my cutting horse for four hours Saturday. They got good and dirty but they did not twist or turn and cleaned up well. It looks like you might have a winner. Thanks Larry Heyboer ,Wildwood Family Farm"